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Beverly Hills nightlife guide to posh hotel pool bars, intimate lounges and exclusive clubs

Party in Beverly Hills and join a crowd of rich, beautiful people as they hang out in plush nightclubs, opulent hotel bars, intimate lounges and high-end restaurants. This famous neighborhood provides endless ways to spend your money, from bottle service at exclusive clubs and lavish celebrations at rooftop pools to high-end parties at the nearby Playboy Mansion.

The nightlife scene in Beverly Hills is all about luxurious hotel lounges, rooftop pools and intimate bars. You'll need to be a hotel guest, member or VIP to get into Above Beverly Hills, the exclusive rooftop pool and bar of the Thompson Hotel, but anyone can drink at the seductive Bar Noir at Maison 140, which serves absinthe. Other popular hotel lounges include the tropical Trader Vic's Tiki bar at the Beverly Hills Hilton, and Writer's Bar aka the Lobby Lounge of Raffles L'Ermitage Hotel, where Hollywood power players often meet for drinks. Find live jazz and modern cuisine at H.O.M.E. supper club, or hang out at the trendy Honor Bar at South Beverly Grill. Head to Confidential to find one of the few true nightclubs in Beverly Hills. This swanky establishment features an underground dance floor, crystal chandeliers and a good-looking crowd in their 20s and 30s. Situated on the edge of Beverly Hills is the legendary Playboy Mansion, home to happy bunnies and Hugh himself. The Mansion hosts several parties throughout the year, including the Midsummer Night's Dream Party, and tickets are often auctioned online for a few K's.

Interesting Facts

Beverly Hills, 90209? Besides the famous 90210 zip code, this upscale neighborhood also has four less-celebrated zones: 90209, 90211, 90212 and 90213. The popular TV series was set at the fictional West Beverly Hills High School, and was actually filmed at Torrance High School in the South Bay.


Bring plenty of cash for valet parking, and don't forget to dress up. Many Beverly Hills venues have unwritten dress codes. They won't make a big deal about your sloppy attire; they just won’t let you in. Wear your finest to fit in with the wealthy crowd.


Elevate Lounge
811 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles

Elevate Lounge in Los Angeles is one of the best clubs I've ever been to. The view from the 21st floor is great, as it reaches over downtown L.A. Well spaced and still cozy, the atmosphere is lively but not too loud. Purple lighting that fills the club helps with Elevate's well earned style. The custom Absolut LA drink served there with lemon is one of the best had. Ever! 5 stars!

By Alucard512

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